How Are Dental Implants Performed?

With the advancements of technology and dental care becoming more and more common, more and more people are looking to get dental implants installed.  However, most people don’t know the process or the dental implant procedure steps st petersburg fl that are involved.  To help clear up the mystery here are some basic steps you can expect.

Not all procedures are the same

When it comes to any surgery there are no one stop fits all situations.  Each situation will be different and each patient will have their own special set of needs.  With this in mind the first step would be to go to your dentist for a consultation.  During this consultation they will do x-rays on your mouth as well as an examination.  From there the doctor will have a good idea as to what to expect for your specific needs.

Teeth removal

Once your consultation is completed the next step is typically to remove any teeth or fractions of teeth that remain in your mouth.  This will help to create a platform for the next steps in the process.


The next step and for several steps after this you will need to go through a healing process.  Since we are working with bone, gums, holes and more our mouth will need to heal.  This healing process can take several days, weeks or months depending on the specific procedure and how well you follow directions.

Dental plate

Once your mouth is healed typically a dental plate will be screwed into the jawbone.  This plate will sit flush with the jaw and gums.  This plate will act as the component that all of your replacement teeth or dentures will be attached to.  This process will also need a healing time as well before the next step in started.

dental implant procedure steps st petersburg fl

Install teeth

Finally after all of your healing has done your dentist will start to install the teeth.  This process can go quickly or will need to be done in several visits.  With the entire process additional steps and procedures may be needed.  Remember that this is just a general outline of the process and after your consultation your specific process will be outlined and understood.