Preparing for a Professional Massage

When it comes to your skin and well-being, a massage can make a world of difference. Massages have various benefits, including relieving muscle tension and pain throughout the body. Going to your first massage appointment can be nerve-wracking, but you can get prepared and make your experience better than you ever expected.


Before and after going to a massage appointment with a massage spa castle rock co professional make sure that you hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water. When your muscles are stressed, you may experience inflammation as well as a buildup of toxins that keeps the body from absorbing and using essential minerals and nutrients as well as oxygen present in the body. A massage encourages blood to flow, releasing stress and flushing out toxins.

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Wear Comfortable Clothing

When getting ready for your massage, you should choose clothing that fits loosely and is comfortable for you. You will be asked to get undressed – as undressed as you are comfortable with – to make it easier for the massage therapist to thoroughly perform their job. After the massage is done, your body may feel sensitive or sore, which tight clothing can make feel even more uncomfortable.


Massages are a relaxing experience, but you won’t be able to relax if you’re not breathing properly. Breathe as you normally would while getting a massage, allowing your body to relax and your massage therapist to work on your muscles. Holding your breath can limit the benefits and effects of your massage, so breathe normally and avoid holding your breath.

Massages can bring on a world of benefits, which you can enjoy as much as possible by keeping these tips in mind. Hydrate yourself before and after getting a massage, wear comfortable clothing, and keep your breathing normal.